Munition’s porters

A terrible destiny hit some people who had been chosen by chance by the Germans to carry their munition boxes: many of them were all day long with the soldiers and saw the killings of women, aged people, children in front of their eyes. They saved themselves, but could never forget that day.

Some of the munition porters were:

Monsummano (they moved also to Larciano later on)

Averardo Corrieri (was captured next to his hut, in an area very close to the Fossetto, in the place where the patrol started with the massacre)

Novello Zerbini (was captured shortly after Corrieri, in the area of Bassa dei Malucchi)

Giorgio Mazzei  (was captured at some hundreds metres after Zerbini, near “Casa Simoni”)


Enzo Tesi (was captured at “casotto dei Pescatori”)

Silvano Natali (was captured at the “Isola” hut)

Ponte Buggianese

Fedele Parenti


Maggino Caponi

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